October 31, 2005

Closing up shop (sorta) and moving

Hello, Long time and nothing, I guess getting married and the facts of life put a damper to the fun one can have on the internet. So, I have decided to hang it up and put it away, I'm sorry I'm not updating it anymore. I will say that my blog is done for and will not continue, though my talents and strip collecting are not disappearing at all. I am moving to a bigger and better site with may thing to pick and chose from for everyone, the site:


which is a few month in the making, is an awesome site and is similar to my blogs. The site is way more defined and is way so much better and is updated often. The site was mainly created by Thrillmer and Holmes and a few others who thought the bogs were a good idea but not stable enough to hold the vast amount of content that is out there. My job is so much fun, by adding to the growing comic supply that is needed. I will be scouring the main sites as usual,



and a few FTP sites for the much needed demand. Please check out barnaclepress and make it the #1 site you link to for your daily comic strip fix. I hope this adventure will allow those who enjoy the past and are wiling to bring it to the future generation.

Steve - saying fair well and good night.

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