July 28, 2008

Li'l Abner - 08/24/1947

AL CAPP STUDIOS - Al Capp began the Li'l Abner strip as a daily in 1934, and added a Sunday strip a year later. He was notorious for using many assistants and "ghost" artists (including, at one point, Frank Frazetta), so it is impossible to determine the extent of his contribution to any given Li'l Abner strip, which is why most are credited to his studio.

This is the original daily comic strip art for Li'L Abner dated 8-24-47. The art has an image area of 19 " x 22" and the art is in very good condition with light overall aging and some moisture warping on the right side; the art was cut into several pieces and re-assembled with backing tape, the tape is somewhat loose at some points.

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