July 22, 2008

Winniw Winkle - 12/13/1939

MARTIN BRANNER (1888 - 1970) was a Vaudeville performer who went into cartooning after returning home from WWI. His most famous creation, Winnie Winkle, debuted in 1920, the first comic strip about a working woman. It was also a rare strip in which the characters grew and aged. Branner worked on the strip until a stroke in 1962 forced him to retire, whereafter his assistant, Max Van Bibber took over.

This is the original art for a Winnie Winkle daily comic strip, dated 12-13-39.The art is in very good condition with moderate aging overall, and heavy glue stains in the lower margin. Image area measures 19.75" x 5.5".

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