September 26, 2008

l slight change to the ilovecomix blog...

OK, I'm going to change my blog up a little bit. I am going to start posting information on the strips and images that I gathered and added to the online archive I started about a month ago. The archive is available for anyone to view and download from at Ilovecomix Archive (log in ID and password is ilovecomix). The main idea behind this is to restore the FTP server Jo had a few years ago from one of the yahoo groups I'm in. Jo did a gran ol job but after her hard drive crashed it never came back completely.

So anyone who reads my blog or gets my posts will be able to know in short what was added for the day.


to browse and download from the ARCHIVES.
Ilovecomix Archive
(log in ID and password is ilovecomix)

To add images to the ARCHIVES
Ilovecomix Archive
(log in id is "upload" password is "ilovecomix")

FYI - MY FTP STORAGE IS UNLIMITED so add all you want

If you have many comic files you want to share with the archive. Just create a zip file and upload it according to the directions above. I will unzip it and add the files to the directory as soon as possible. This would be the quickest way for you to add large amounts of scans to the storage system. Post comments if you need to ask me a question.

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