October 15, 2008

Some Vic Flint Sundays from 1960

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Ivar Sand said...

I enjoyed watching the strip, thanks for the upload. It is the first Vic Flint I have seen on the Internet. The Norwegian DETEKTIV-magasinet (The Detective Magazine) included Vic Flint strips sometimes. I have one example at home, a copy of Jan. 3rd 1959, with a Vic Flint strip in it. This strip is not the one shown here and it is in black and white. My public library does not have Vic Flint comic book and I intend to suggest it to get one.

vic flint 1945 said...

My father was the artist for vic flint in the 50's & 60's.His name was Dean Miller and he did the daily & sun until 1955, then only the sunday until 1960. I have some of the strips from 1946 thru 1960 and also a newspaper plate of one line of the strip from beginning to end.My father passed away in 1977 at the age of 52. If you would like some history of my father I will be happy to tell anyone interested. My email address is CLMOORE45@ATT.NET. vic flint was the greatest. I also helped my dad color in the strip for the newpaper.A lot of time went into drawing vic flint.

ivsa2 said...

Thanks for the comment. Dean Miller is one of my favourite drawing artists. Do you know where I can buy Vic Flint albums drawn by Dean Miller?

Dean Miller said...

His talents far exceeded drawing Vic Flint. Art director for several motion picture company’s. Taught pastels, oil and water colors. Hobbes were collecting anything old like flintlock pistol and Arabian rifles. Knights armor which he restored Dean had a fist class stamp and coin collections .Wood carving was another thing he enjoyed doing.


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