October 10, 2008

My NEW Toy (Neat Receipts v3.0 Document Management System with Scanner)

I just got a new toy and it works wonders on my comics. The Neat Receipts v3.0 Document Management System with Scanner. Details and where I got this cheap WOOT.com.

With is product I am able to scan 2 or 3 comics a minute if i wanted to (Though I only did 2 in one minute). The software even though it's designed to re-size, find numbers and add "your receipts" to your quick books. The only down note is you can't change the resolutions in any way. Your stuck with what the software program decides. (the max resolution on the scanner is 600DPI).

This program works great for the comics, automatically resizing, editing and filtering them for you. All I have to do is save the scanned image as a image file and I'm done. This process, once the Neat Receipts program is open, takes 5 minutes or less to have a few scans ready for upload to the net.


Here are a few of the cans i just did. Took me 15 minutes to scan all these... very cool


Ger Apeldoorn said...

So how does it work? Do you have to insert the comic? If you put in somthing that's too large, cab you select image size? Is it portable? Can it be used on bound books? What's the maximum size? How did you do the Miss Peach?

ssss said...

The neat receipt was designed to read receipts. I figured since its doing receipts is could do also do newspaper comics as well. Boy was I was correct. All I do insert the comics one at a time and hit the scan button. For the Miss Peach (since it's in color) I switch to the document scan button in the neat receipts software, insert the comic and hit scan. The software does everything for me, resizes, crops, and even rotates it correctly if you scan it upside down. The only thing I notice is the completed image is huge after you scan it, just like I like it. Oh, this item was made to be portable as well, so it's a no-brainier for you to take anywhere with you. It even comes with a cloth caring bag. As for using this item on bound book that would be impossible, unless you can take the bound book apart. You have to insert the comics through the scanner and the come out the pack side. Oh, the box states the maximum DPI is 600, I have yet to find a way to change this in their software. Any more questions? -Steve


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