February 4, 2009

Mr Punch (British humour and satire of the 1850's)

Well, something a little different today. I have some "Mr Punch" British satire comics. I know very little about the history of these so they may be a bit odd. (may have to do some research on them one day)

Anyway, I scanned these from a book I recently received from a local antique shop. The book looked like it was about to be recycled and was in such horrible shape they just gave it to me. I have been pulling the book apart page by page and scanning in the images. I Have scanned around 8 pages of the 200 or so pages in the book. Because the book was in such decay I cant tell if it is just one book or multiple books. Now if I could just keep the pages from falling apart it would make my life so much easier. Enjoy

Please note all images are saved to the I Love Comics Archives

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