May 26, 2009

Brick Bradford & The Lone Ranger Story Index?

Hello gang, does anyone know of a published story index for the Brick Bradford and The Lone Ranger strip? I would love to create one if one is not available, but don't have the time right now. I keep getting stories to download all the time and wondered if there was an index yet? If you know of anything let me know. had an index for a few strips but not one for brick bradford or the lone ranger

Also I have compiled a few Brick Bradford and The Lone Range strips for easy online viewing.

-Mr ilovecomix

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DEII 99 said...

Did you ever made that "Brick Bradford Index"?

I am looking for the original name and publication dates of some strips where Brick in his Time Top confronts bald big-headen dwarfs who use transparent spheres to fly.

It is an earlier one (sure before 1946, the date of the French strip I have), but I have been unable to pinpoint it.

Can you help me?


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