January 30, 2010

Archive updates - Add your collection

Ok, I usually don't write anything on my blog, The blog is more of a update link to the archive for big and important additions. Well I do want to announce something today and it's not a link to the archive or any new images. I have opened up the ilovecomix archive site to anyone who wants to add their "Newspaper images" to the archive. The archive was designed to help save our collection for others to view it, and provide a very nice image hosting site. The archive were also designed to let n00bs view past images and be on the same page once they join in this new hobby.
With dozens of yahoo newspaper comic groups the archive site was greatly needed.

If you want to add your images to the archive please read the following document I have created that gives guidelines on what to add and gives detail on how to add your collection.

http://123.writeboard.com/b7bbb1dc9bf249fc6/ password is ilovecomix

-Mr ilovecomix

1 comment:

Wayne said...

I'm sure you've answered this, but I wasn't around then so I'll ask it. What is you opinion of cbr. or PDF collections of strips, just to make collecting for personal use a little simpler. I understand that some might use these formats as something to sell on Ebay or something like that. But for the rest of us it would make filing and collecting a lot easier. Just wondering. Most importantly, thank you soo much for what you have made available to us. I am an Alley Oop nut who has a lot of early strips, but to find the 1933 strips here...wow! Again, thanks. C. Wayne Owens ripjarvis@yahoo.com


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