December 30, 2011

We Have a Possible Solution

OK,  the ilovecomix archive site may be gone but the file sharing and swapping is still going on among us.   I have found a P2P program that allows users to connect to the folders on my computer and share all the images you want with each other.   

I have found a program called Gigatribe.   Its a small very simple program that packs a big punch.  It allows invited users to share files very easily with each other.   I have set up a group for the users of the ilovecomix Archive and the daily dose yahoo group.  Once you have downloaded, and registered you will need to either look me up in the program or send me you're user name and i will add you to the group so you can download and share files with me.  Look at this as a hidden but very accessible file server for the comic collectors in us.      I am hosting over 200 GB in newspaper comic files so come take a look and lets swap. 


ilovecomix uses GigaTribe to securely share files with friends, and invites you to join him to share files together.

GigaTribe is free and using it is safe: it contains no viruses, no spyware, no adware and it can easily be uninstalled. 

For more information;  see the website or download the software here.

If you join GigaTribe using email as your email account, you and Ilovecomix will automatically be in each other's network and ready to share files together!

Give it a try today


1 comment:

Samuel K said...

Hey there. I was wondering if you had any Mary Worth strips in your archive.


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