December 1, 2013

Dumping Google & Moving Forward


the ilovecomix archive has made a big decision to dumped Google Drive as a host for the and we are now using Barracuda Systems We have been using copy for a month now since we discovered Google Drive has a sync problem. Copy is working like a charm and we are up to 160 gig so far in content.

So make it rain gigabytes. To celebrate Barracuda System's launch of copy, everyone will earn 5 GB of extra free storage for yourself and whoever you refer each time you introduce someone new to Copy. This is a limited time opportunity to rack up huge amounts of extra free storage while we build the initial buzz around Copy! So sign up, install the app, and get 5 GB of free space on top of the 15 that is offered for free. 

Google has made us very mad and has provided no solution to the sync problem. So we are going to tell everyone we know about this new service. To date we have not updated a new scan on Google drive since mid June.  Please consider helping the  and extend our free storage space for future newspaper comics. 

Please Use this referral: and please install the app.

-Steven C.

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